Baby Hiccups after Eating

Hey mothers! Don’t be worried, if your little angel hiccups and throw food out. I think this is a formal condition for babies.

May you have felt your baby’s hiccups in your womb while pregnancy, yes you have heard right! Babies can hiccup even in the womb, and after birth, they repeat this painless activity by some causes like;

  • Feeding too much
  • By swallowing to much air
  • Change in stomach temperature
  • Gastric change

Sometimes baby passes out milk after feeding, and then they start hiccupping. This is a neutral condition in babies known as reflux. Refluxing happens due to the immaturity of a muscular valve (diaphragm.)

It means when a baby’s tummy gets full, and then it cannot tolerate more feed, and stomach acid pushes milk back to the mouth. Well, in this whole procedure, the baby’s diaphragm gets tremor, and the baby becomes hiccupping.

Well, today I’m here to know you some genuine cause for baby hiccups; especially, when he/she do after eating something. So let us start this short but, informative article;

Causes of baby hiccups after eating:

Well, in medical terms, there are a lot of causes for baby hiccups. Those babies who do hiccups after eating something are also normal babies. Here we are going to know some candid reasons for baby hiccups after eating like;

A sudden change of stomach temperature:

Hiccups in babies could happen due to sudden changes in their stomachs. Forgenie clears that, up and down of temperature in the stomach actually activate baby hiccups. A simple example of this extreme change is that, feed your baby a few sips of cold juice and frequently give him any (quite hot) finger food. Surely, your baby will start hiccupping within few minutes.

So mums, try to eat your baby simple temperatured foods and avoid this hot and cold mixture.

Quick eating:

The 2nd main cause of hiccups in babies is fast eating. Mostly, when we have to go somewhere or (in travel), then we eat our babies fast. Unfortunately, they try to eat our given food fast, without chewing properly. This improper swallowed food can be caused by bloat and creates hiccups.

In this fast eating, babies do not only swallow improper chewed food, but, they also swallow air. This air swallowing with dink or eat can distend the baby’s stomach fast; due to diaphragm muscle irritates. Yes! You already know that (the irritation of diaphragm creates hiccups).

Eating too much:

Likewise, when a baby eats (feed) too much more then hunger then, the stomach enlarges and pushes all things that are close to it. In the proximity of the stomach, diaphragm includes; the stomach pushed it, and it caused hiccups.

Spicy foods:

Spices are not easy to digest. Many of them are containing chemicals like capsaicin. These chemicals could be harmful to the baby stomach and also can irritate the diaphragm. This irritation always caused baby hiccups, so next time; please think again to offer spicy cauliflower to your baby.


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