Things to Take into Account While Choosing The Finest Baby Bike Trailers

Walker Carrying Capacity

This pertains to the number of children you would like to transport at any certain time. These Walkers have varying carrying capacities.

Some can only accommodate 1 occupant whereas some may accommodate several occupants. Start looking for that trailer that may carry the number of persons you desire.

‘How high, long, wide, or deep is your trailer?’ , and just how much does this weigh?’ These measurements shall allow you to determine if the trailer is indeed suited to your liking or not.

It will help you to ascertain whether the trailer may adopt the combined weights of your kids or fit inside your storage area, among other factors.

Skill Level

‘How skilled are you in managing the Best Baby Walkers Reviews trailers?’ This question is very significant cause these trailers are available in varying technical levels.

Make sure to settle for that trailer which is not too complex for your comprehension. Given that a more sophisticated trailer is better, make every effort to settle for this one that is as technical as you can.

Whenever you aren’t using the walker, you will need to keep them somewhere safe. Prior to buying a given Walker, ask yourself,’Do I have sufficient storage space in my disposal to adapt this walker whenever I am no more using it’ This will ensure that you simply acquire that trailer that is compact enough to fit the quantity of space you have.

Things to Take into Account While Choosing The Finest Baby Bike Trailers

Safety Characteristics

These gadgets are primarily utilized to transport modest children. This being true, they have to be very secure and safe.

You certainly do not need to bet with the welfare of your kids’ security, I suppose! In light of this, try and analyze all of the trailers in the market on the basis of their safety. Scrutinize their harnesses, straps, canopy, and chairs to Make Sure that they are favorable for the child’s overall safety

There are so many manufacturers that are involved with the making of those gadgets. As of this year 2017, some of the top manufacturers included InStep, Aosom, Allen, Schwinn, and also Fisher Price Baby Walkers.

Their trailers would be the strongest, most durable, of their highest quality, and dependable. On your search for the most appropriate trailer, then give them preferential treatment and special attention. It is only by doing that you will almost certainly obtain the very best ever trailer.


Whether or not you will eventually acquire a preview of selection boils down to just how much cash you’ve got versus the true cost of the gadget. For this reason, pay keen attention to these two aspects. Think about the actual price of the trailer for selection.

Weigh this alongside the amount of cash you’ve got at your disposal. Subsequently, settle for that gadget which strikes a good compromise between those two opposing forces. Make sure you bargain for reductions. Time your purchase too to coincide with any promos or special offers.

Final Verdict

We do expect you have been truly enlightened with the review above. We would like to draw your attention to how a number of aspects of the information we’ve supplied above may change without notice. This being the situation, we would want to ask you to take out some independent study prior to making a purchase with the aim of verifying the credibility of the information we’ve provided.

In the meantime, we ask you to consider purchasing at least one of the trailers we’ve reviewed previously. If you really take care of the security of your children and might wish to possess the best for them, do not hesitate to do so. Kindly send us an email or plan a trip to our premises.

Choice criteria for my top 3 baby bicycle trailers:

Construction of this bicycle trailer stroller — durability, design, the simplicity of conversion, and ease of usage
Safety features for kids

Cost — Affordability and value for money

Customer satisfaction — Are parents pleased with their purchase of the bike trailer stroller?

Burley Encore Bike Trailer — Highly Versatile and Fashionable

It is in what I believe the luxury range of infant bicycle trailers using a list price that is just under $450.

Burley Encore easily transforms into a stroller, jogger, bike trailer and a Ski unit with the appropriate conversion kits which are easily available as optional accessories.

The design is sleek, spacious to take 1 or 2 kids, and using a massive maximum weight capacity of 100 pounds, it will carry older and bigger children.

Choice criteria for my top 3 baby bicycle trailers

The Encore Baby Bike Trailer includes a 5 point safety harness that’s richly padded to hold children comfortably protected from the cottage. The seat is hammock styled and more comfortable than the bench styled chair in other brands or models of stroller bike trailers.

A short person will come across the bicycle trailer simple and comfortable to push in the stroller style with all the adjustable handlebar on the Burley Encore, which also doubles as a roll bar.

The other side windows not only protects occupants from harsh UV rays from sunlight, but it also adds a touch of class to the general design of the Burley Encore.

It’s not the least expensive of my best 3 jogging stroller bike trailer, but the Burley Encore ticked all of my selection standards, topping it with a respectable customer satisfaction rating of 4.1 out of 5 Stars on Amazon.

Fast-action fold system, with quick release wheels for a compact fold which is simple to transport from the trunk of a vehicle.

Lots of cabin space for two children, or storage for groceries if you choose to go shopping with the bike trailer
20 inch rush free black alloy wheels with pneumatic tires that produce the stroller quite simple to push
Removable, washable seat pad and shoulder harness

  • Reclining chairs and padded seat cushion.
  • Tinted side windows
  • Adaptive sunshade
  • Parking brake
  • Water-resistant, all-weather cover
  • Dimensions of this Burley Encore Baby Bike Trailer

Maximum Weight limit — 100 pound / 45.4 kg
Trailer Weight — 24.8 lb/ 11.2 kg

Interior height 25.0 in/65.0 cm
Interior width 21.3 in/54.0 cm
Interior seat width 19.5 in/50.0 cm

Handlebar height 30-46 in/76-117 cm

Size Spacious L x W x H (in) 34.0 x 31.0 x 37.0
Size Folded L x W x HH (in) 36.0 x 31.0 x 11.0

Accessories for your Burley Encore Baby Bike Trailer:

The conversion kits and accessories you can purchase for your Burley Encore are discretionary. Simply pick the kit that is appropriate for your conversion demand at any given time, and change the look and purpose of the Encore bicycle trailer chassis.
We! Ski Kit

  • 2-Wheel Stroller Kit
  • One-Wheel Stroller Kit
  • Jogger Kit (dual )
  • Baby Snuggler
  • Handlebar Console
  • Trailer Light Kit

A guide to child trailers

Motorcycle trailers for biking with children may be among the most useful cycling accessories out there.

They offer a huge number of additional carrying capacity, both as a comfortable place to place children as you pedal them around, and as a way to transport impressive quantities of less precious freight, also. Cycling journalist Matt Lamy clarifies all.

Which are the advantages of child-carrying cycle trailers?

To understand the benefits of bicycle trailers for children, first we have to recognise the constraints of other options, such as kid bike seats. The dilemma of child numbers is a clear stumbling block.

Then there is the question of relaxation. Infants can only utilize child bicycle seats once their neck is strong enough to hold their heads upright, but they might be placed in many infant bike trailers essentially from birth (do check your particular model, though, because a few trailers have minimum age limitations ).

Most child carrying trailers may be used for babies 12 -18 months.

However, do recognise that in the opposite end of the scale, there are weight restrictions on all types of trailers. So, once your child or kids become overly heavy, it’s time for a tag-along or even bike of their own.

Once children are old enough to use a kid bike seat, there’s another strange phenomenon that invariably occurs:

they doze off and though there are child bike seats that recline at an angle which are more comfy, at a trailer children can snooze happily with their heart’s joy.

Many trailers fit two children side by side so they can chat to each other. But be mindful your children are inside the trailer behind you, so you will not be able to hear them clearly or check on them as often as though they were sitting in a chair directly next to you. Looking over your shoulder lots and a bicycle mirror may help you determine if they’re asleep, fighting or happy!

Trailers offer benefits for your rider, too.

There are no control or balance problems that having the burden of child and chair attached to a bicycle can cause. Since the child or children are restricted underneath a canopy they’re dry and the rider also does not have to worry about whether they’re sticking they arms out to the side or any other clowning around that can happen in a kid bike seat.

Trailers also have a higher weight-carrying capacity than child bike seats, so you can keep using them when your family has outgrown other options. And even when children have started cycling themselves, you can convert your trailer to some helpful freight carrier.

Finally, here is a straightforward thing. Quite a few contemporary child trailers easily convert into a buggy or pushchair. So, once you’ve arrived at your destination, you do not even have to disturb sleepers because you would do if they had been in either a front or rear kid bike seat. Simply attach the necessary accessories and push on.


One downside is that you want to be strong and fit enough to tow a trailer, but if you begin when your kid is lighter you will gradually build strength as they grow.

You might want to try out riding with a child bike trailer on a traffic-free route first to get used to towing a heavier load. You need to be reasonably fit to tow a trailer with two kids a longer distance or up a mountain. And do get off and push mountains if you find this type of battle (even Josie Dew pushes her bicycle with a trailer hills sometimes!) . Having a bicycle with especially low gearing for trailer responsibilities is a god idea.
Practical factors

There’s a single first concern that potential child trailers users ask:

‘aren’t trailers low, out of a driver’s eyesight and so potentially dangerous?’

There are 3 components to answer this query. The first is that almost all trailers come with a massive warning flag marking their existence. ‘So what?’ You may say, which leads us to point two: trailers are already large, reflective and brightly colored bits of kits themselves — they are also attached to a bicycle, making for a total automobile presence about just like a little car. The next point is: it is you the rider in charge of which paths you take.
Road positioning

You will have to consider more about your road position and how to help drivers see you when you’re towing a trailer. Cycling UK biking instructor Julie Rand advises:”You will need ride even further from the kerb as you are a wider load. Also ride no less than a metre away from car doors also. If you would like more help contact your local cycle teacher , they would be delighted to help you get used to cycling with a trailer”

When cycling with a cycle trailer you’ll have to ride even further out in the kerb as you are a broader load. If you would like more help contact your regional cycle instructor.

Julie Rand, Cycling UK cycle teacher and mum of two

Different trailer brands have marginally different attachment technology, the huge majority work on the principle which you fit a coupling to your bike’s rear axle fast release and the trailer is connected to the via a long articulated arm. Additionally, there’ll almost certainly be an extra retaining strap connecting trailer arm to bicycle frame for added security. If you have more than 1 bicycle, or a trailer which will be towed by various people, choose a trailer type at which you can buy extra hitches.

Although we’ve stated trailers eliminate the equilibrium conditions that come with having the weight of a child seat and child fitted to a bicycle, they do come with their own hands quirks. By way of instance, that trailer arm is articulated, meaning it does not follow in a direct line behind you when you go round corners. Just a little bit of training seeing how the bicycle and trailer act together is necessary before you first use it for the intended job.

In addition, you need to be aware of the maximum weight your trailer will take and recall that anything and bags you stuff in the trailer’s pockets and boot counts too. Every trailer includes a tipping point if it’s overloaded, so don’t take bends too fast and tight and look out for kerbs, even those that you might be able to mount on your bicycle.

So if all that weight of child and seat isn’t on your bike, where is it?

It’s being pulled along behind you, which instead dictates what kind of bike you want to use with the trailer.

A skinny-tyred street bicycle might leave you going nowhere, turning your rear wheel a cloud of liquid smoke (metaphorically speaking). You are going to want something with an adequate amount of traction and relatively easy gearing to efficiently transfer the torque required to get the trailer rolling. A mountain or hybrid bike with rather grippy tyres would be the obvious option.

With the excess vehicle weight, make sure that your brakes work well and check your bike regularly.
The Way to Purchase

Even the most fervent trailer evangelist can not ignore 1 drawback: cost. While the normal kid seat costs anything from #50 to #100, the marketplace for kid trailers ranges from approximately #100 to #1,000.

At the budget end are own-brand goods from firms like Halfords. They are decent options and comply with all essential security standards but they may also be a little heavier and devoid of comforts, all-weather functions or waterproofing.

From around #200 to 350 you will find the Experience Outside assortment of kid trailers, which feature far more capabilities like the possibility of being converting to a stroller. Likewise, Burley and Croozer do a great range of trailers from around #300 around #600.

Then we start heading into luxury trailer land, with Hamax performing a fantastic Outback trailer at about #700. However, arguably the leaders of this child trailer market is Thule (previously Chariot) using a range that spans from #450 to 1,000 and includes the choice of not turning your trailer to some jogging buggy and stroller, however fitting it with snow skis (if the requirement arise!) .

Before spending your money, employ a trailer initially to determine if you and your little one like it.
Beyond kid transportation

Finally, let us also just offer a fast word for trailers which are not used for ferrying children around.

When it’s grocery shopping or even used as part of your working life, trailers open a huge variety of cargo-carrying chances for those who don’t need to be tied into the internal combustion engine or put money into a cargo bike.

For some cyclists, they supply particular possibilities.

Touring tandem riders, for instance,

can only match four pannier bags to their bike — half of the amount that could be transported by 2 solo riders — nevertheless trailers can aid with raising their bag allowance. Trailers are already a specially excellent shape for carrying tent totes. In the same way, the present enthusiasm for bikepacking or demanding stuff touring, means that off-road explorers can take kit with products like the Bob or even Adventure CT1 trailer even if their chosen bikes aren’t acceptable for panniers.

And needless to say, instead of children you might have a totally different kind of loved one you want to transfer in safety: dog-specific trailers are available, also.

So purchasing a trailer may be a substantial investment, but in several of ways it might also open up a huge new selection of possibilities with regard to everything you could do with your bicycle.

The best cycling child seats and trailers

Parenthood does not have to mean the end of biking.

Once your youngster is old enough you may take him or her along with you on a set on your bicycle along with a trailer behind.

Here is what to search for.

To take a child with your bicycle you have three main options: a seat behind your saddle; a chair on the top tube; or even a trailer.

The traditional behind-the-saddle kid seat sits on a rack or has its own mounting system to attach it to the bike. It is going to usually cradle your kid, with a high back and sides in order that they can fall asleep without falling out, leg guards and a harness. It needs to be designed so that your sprog should not be able to obtain their feet or hands into the spokes.

Once a kid gets a bit heavier and bigger, they can earn a bicycle with a rear-mounted kid seat a bit top-heavy, and affect the handling.

Your child has to be able to hold up their head on their own to be comfy in a child seat.

The front-mounted seat, that sits on the top tube so the kid is between your arms, is the least common option in the UK, but more frequently seen in Europe. It has the advantage that your kid is quite close to you, so communication is simple, and children appreciate being able to see where they’re going.

A trailer can accommodate quite young kids, since they may simply lie down and doze off. Your child sits inside their own little carriage behind the bike, which is very comfortable, but you could worry that you are a bit out of touch with the kid.

Junior probably won’t be quite bothered as they’re enclosed in a broad bubble and shielded from the elements. If you have to transport a child by bicycle all year round, this is the thing to do.

Trailers are the most expensive alternative, but they maintain decent resale worth if looked after and you can use them for much more than simply carrying kids; a trailer is perhaps the simplest way of carrying shopping too.

This well-reviewed kid chair has its own bracket that moves the seat tube, so you don’t require anything else, and is considered a small bargain.

Amazon reviewer C. Isherwood explained:

“My son was very comfortable and very secure and we’ve had so much fun on this today that the weather is getting better. I can’t praise this enough. Do not pay a fortune for a child bike seat. That is brilliant and does everything you want.”

Suitable for kids older than 9 months as well as 22kg, this chair can be tilted back 20° so that Junior can have a rest, thus the title Siesta.

It has a tall back and high sides with dual buckle system means you can strap your kid in fast and securely.

The latest front-mounted childseat out of WeeRide follows on from the company’s Kangaroo, which can be very highly regarded on Mumsnet. It has its own mounting bar that fits between the seatpost and handlebar stem, so once it is set up the seat itself can be removed quickly.

For yearlong kid-carrying, WeeRide additionally make a windscreen to keep the weather off your young’un. It might make your bike look like a moped, but a joyful passenger is well worth looking a bit daft.

The deluxe model in Hamax’s extensive selection,

the Caress also has a sleeping posture, also redesigned footrest and exploit systems and back reflectives for visibility. It’ll fit bikes with or without existing luggage racks.

With room for two kids, this timeless trailer has extra storage space for all their bits and pieces and is reported to be very secure and easy to tow.

Wiggle reviewer NewDadExperiencedRider states:

“The Bee is quite secure and it gives the impression which the freight (my daughter) is quite secure. It tows easily and is very light, the weight is like a light road bike. It’s a well engineered piece of apparel and attaching both the trailer and connecting bracket into the bike is less than a 5 minute job. Once the mount is on your bicycle you just clip in and out in moments.”

Suitable for children up to approximately 30kg (approximately 6 months to around 5 years), as well as younger with all the Infant Sling (approximately #70) designed for babies 1 to 10 months, this trailer is strong and nimble enough for the two track and town, which makes it ideal for keeping the family mobile whenever there is a small one in tow.

Readers’ recommendations

As a result of our readers at the comments for all these tip-offs.

DaveE128 says:”I would urge (from experience) both the Topeak Babysitter II along with also the Copilot Limo. [The Limo Appears to Be no longer available from the UK – Ed]

“Both mount on a rack. My taste between the two is the Topeak. This can be easily fitted to bikes with disk brakes, and even though it does not have an adjustable recline feature, this is not good on the Copilot anyway.

“I’d warn that when towards the upper end of the weight range though, that with a lighter weight framework (eg my own CX/adventure cross/coummuter Pinnacle Arkose 2 ) you don’t want to stand up, as it leaves the frame flex scarily. It is far better on a mountain bicycle.

“For either seat, you are able to continue to keep the stand on the bike and use it for commuting with panniers, or in the instance of the Topeak, a rack back along with a rack-mounted back light/reflector.”

KiwiMike states:”I’m amazed the Yepp Mini isn’t there.

It fits onto both quill and Aheadset-style bikes, matches with a single hand – we occasionally took it on/off with a sleeping child still strapped in. Additionally, it locks, has the sleeping mat, windscrean, your knees are secure and it weighs bugger all. When it has eliminated the bicycle is almost totally normal, unlike the WeeRide that nonetheless has a dumb heavy steel girder in place.

“Seriously guys, place the Yepp Mini in there. You’re performing parents a disservice by omitting it.”

Username states:”We updated to the when our woman exceeded the weight for her Hamax.

“It’s fixed securely and despite the fact she is currently a few years older, taller, heavier, than prior to the Bobike makes it easy to manage her on the back.

“It’s rated to 35 kgs, or roughly aged 10, and I will see us still using it for quite a while.

“Fully advised.”

Here is the Rolls Royce of Thule’s Chariot range of child carriers. With a lightweight aluminum alloy frame, it’ll take up to 34kg of kid and apparel.

It can be converted into a three-wheeled jogging stroller, a round-town four-wheeler and just a ski trailer.

There’s also a two-child version, the CX 2 for #1,099.99, also there’s a huge selection of accessories.

Why A Baby Bike Trailer Might Not Be The Best Choice

When you are a new parent, then you want to make sure that you can be together with your child where you go.

If it means taking your baby to work and allowing him chill by the water cooler, then sure. You would do it. Anything to have the little tyke near you.

If you are a bike enthusiast, you have probable been out and about looking for a few nifty device to allow you and your child to be together.

In fact, you likely have your eyes on a baby bike trailer. For those of you who do not understand what it is, this is exactly what it sounds like: a trailer for the bicycle that you could place your baby in.

This sounds like the ideal solution to all of your baby problems. However,

is it actually the best answer?

When is it safe to place my baby in a bicycle trailer?

Make sure that your infant, and you also, are wearing helmets when you’re running.

It is only safe to put your infant in a bike trailer when they are more than a year old. Whenever before is insanely dangerous for your baby.

This applies in the state of New York, Amongst Others. The reasoning behind this is very straightforward.

As every parent knows, there’s a soft place in every infant’s head. This makes them a lot more likely to get head injuries than a grownup.

A bicycle trailer is nearer to the ground to stop long-distance falls.

This means that when you take a baby at a bike trailer over a bumpy bike trailoff tarmac roads, the vibrations and also continuous shuddering is going to be transmitted straight to the baby.

This will cause them to bounce up and down to the length of the trail. For a very young child, the constant shuddering movement of the brain may even lead to mental handicaps during later years.

To prevent this, you need to make sure that there is foam dampening on your bike trailer. If you truly want to keep your infant safe within a bicycle trailer, then place as many cushions and soft padding as you can between the infant and the hard surfaces.

Make sure your infant is secure, and can sit upright before taking them to a bicycle ride.

To be extra secure, try to make sure you find a helmet for your child.

The Disadvantages of Having a Baby Bike Trailer

One of the greatest negatives of having a baby bicycle trailer and carrying your kid with you wherever you move is the increased time it takes to reach places.It is highly recommended that you stay off main roads when you are using a bike trailer. Should you take back streets and bike paths, you will end up taking far longer to get to where you want to go.

This time is added to by the fact you will be pulling additional load supporting you. This will slow you down (its physics you understand!)

Motorcycle trailers are low to the ground. In theory that is so that if they do spill out the passenger, your baby won’t drop more than the usual foot.This may seem great, but there is a drawback of these being so low. Since most vehicles are pretty high up, it’s extremely possible that a motorist simply wouldn’t see the trailer. This could result in some very gruesome consequences.

Another problem with the baby bicycle trailer is when they’re attached, it gets quite like a real trailer on a car. It impacts your managing turns, forcing you to create wider turns.Another drawback of the bicycle trailer is that it becomes tougher to overtake when your rotation curve is big. This means you will need to drive yourself to go slow.
An expansion of this problem is…

well, the extension of this bicycle. The trailer adds additional length to your bike, which means that you will not have the ability to maneuver nearly as easily as before.The trailer will add an extra load to your biking.

This may indicate that you have a lot more to pull. As you may think you can take it, you are going to be thinking again when confronted with a very long distance trip somewhere with the small one.

Less interaction with the kids leaves you feeling as they are more exposed to the manners of this world.You’ll be worrying a lot originally.

Not the Death Traps You Think They Are

In fact, a bicycle trailer is among the safest methods where a kid can travel on a bicycle. If you follow appropriate safety procedures before placing your baby in a bike trailer (and before buying one), you’ll have the ability to have an absolutely amazing bike ride with your baby.

For instance, prior to getting on a bike with a trailer, you need to make sure that the fastener between the bike and the trailer is secure.

An unfastened trailer may snap off in the no way moment and lead to you running like a madman following the trailer because it rockets towards an older lady crossing the road.

When obtaining a trailer for the bike, be sure that you get one with a ball and socket joint. It follows that although your bike may tip over cause you’re attempting to have a turn too tight, the trailer will remain upright.

This is incredibly useful, especially on winding country roads.

Another safety tip will be to ensure the trailer you buy has additional safety features. By way of example, more costly trailers normally have built-in roster bars just in case something does go no way.

In addition to this, you ought to get a bright safety/warning flag for the trailer, so the odd motorist who does come together will have the ability to see it.

Among the most important safety tips you can follow would be the need for a helmet. Drill this reality into your kids’ heads every time you go out.

No helmet — no ride. That is final. No exclusion.

Be certain that you get one that fits correctly.

If you follow the security procedures and adhere to the by-roads rather than traffic stricken main roads, you and you infant should be able to have a fine bike ride.

However, if you feel like the drawbacks of a bike trailer are only too many, you will find a few different alternatives you can become instead.

Bike Chairs — Front and Rear

They’re a safe seat that is mounted either on the front or back of the bike.

Though this might seem cumbersome, there’s a lot of design characteristics which make it a comfy ride. Additionally, there are various perks, depending on the type of chair (but trailers tend to be considered safer than bike chairs ).

These seats are produced in such a manner that you are holding your kid, facing forwards, on your arms because you ride. The design allows you to hold your handlebars with relaxation. The more advanced front facing seats have a bar attached that allows your child to fall asleep .

These are suitable for children aged one to five. As they become older they struggle a lot more, which makes it quite risky for the older children to use these. A drawback is that the youngster will not be as comfy as they’re in a bicycle trailer.

It’s also harder to put a child into the bike seat than a trailer. The higher center of gravity will make you feel like it’s more difficult to maneuver the bike too.

Rear Mounted Bike Chairs

Exactly the identical principle as front seat applies. The seat also still faces forwards. The benefit is the fact that it seems less cumbersome, especially because there’s not any baby restricting the motion of your arms.

In a way, bicycle seats are a means of becoming closer to your infant whilst riding. You can always be assured they are right there with you regarding the same things you are.

But, it is not all butterflies and marshmallows. You may have to be extra careful when riding with a bike seat. A crash could result in severe accidents to get a kid. Always make sure that both you and your kid are wearing safety gear when biking on the roads or paths.

The Cargo Bike

>The cargo bicycle is a special bicycle designed especially for the transport of goods. It seems pretty funky, but it’s in fact quite useful in regards to transporting just about anything, even children.

The distinction between a cargo bike and a bicycle trailer or chairs is that the freight bike is really constructed like that. As a result of this, the design allows for its centre of gravity to be in the ideal position. It also means that the threat of attachments snapping is now gone.

The freight bike also has the advantage of being multifunctional. You can use the freight compartment for transporting goods in addition to your kids. It is perfect for anything because it has a huge compartment.

It is also low to the floor. This means that the danger of it tipping over and falling is drastically reduced.

Instead of a flimsy trailer, a solid box makes up the cargo bike. This makes your children much safer. The compartment may be fitted out with many different covers. In reality, these bicycles have been called the SUVs of the bicycle world.

There are, however a few disadvantages to owning a cargo bicycle.

Due to this you will require a larger parking area for the bike.

It also means you will be able to utilize it in less of an assortment of places compared to a standard bike. The larger size would result in you having to remain in visitors more often cause it might compromise your ability to weave in and out just like you usually would.

Another disadvantage is that the extra weight. While the good box and heavy stand provide extra protection and stability, they do add a lot more additional weight.

You will see this especially problematic when biking up a gradient. In reality, you would probably wind up switching to a motor that will assist you climb inclines easier (that is if you select a bike with an electric motor).

All these changes would mean the freight bike would cost additional compared to the standard bicycle trailer or seats.

However, when you think about the obvious advantages of the freight bicycle, you might just be persuaded to receive it.

After all, it’s your child’s security that matters the most.

In a cargo bike you’re in a position to keep watch on your kid while keeping that level of safety. That makes it well suited for parents.

Sure, you’ll need to spend more, and you might even lose the freedom a standard bike would give you. However, this really is a worthy sacrifice to make for the sound of your kids laughing at front, safe and sound since they see the world moving beyond on their first bicycle ride.

Bike Trailer Buying Guide

Consumer Reports no longer updates this product category and maintains it for archival purposes only.
Getting Started

Among the great joys of parenting would be sharing tasks with your children, including bicycle riding. Here’s a guide to bicycle trailers (our choice for safety) and bicycle-mounted kid chairs that will allow you to take your kid in your two-wheeled adventures long before she’s prepared for wheels.

There are three basic techniques to tote your kid along on a bicycle ride:

seats that mount onto your bike, bicycle trailers, and trailer cycles.

Whichever you choose, ensure your kid is wearing a bike helmet. Children under 1 aren’t prepared for a helmet and for that reason should not be taken on bicycle rides in any sort of trailer or seat. Check out our motorcycle helmet purchasing advice and child and toddler bike helmet Ratings (available to subscribers).

Bicycle-Mounted Child Seats

These are put behind or in front of a fisherman’s chair and can be used with kids ages 1 to 5. (They face forward.) The added burden of a bicycle-mounted chair can affect the handling of the bike. This is sometimes unnerving or just annoying, based on your cycling abilities. A child would have a fall of approximately 3 feet by a mounted bicycle seat, which increases the possibility and potential severity of an accident.

These seem like little sidecars attached to a bike’s rear axle or frame.

They can carry children ages 1 to 6 years. Some models carry one child; others can carry two. All models have a weight limit that ranges from 85 to 125 lbs (this range sounds very high for kids that are just 1 to 6 years old). Exceeding the limit can compromise the bicycle trailer’s construction.

Kids are seated, strapped into the carriers, and usually enclosed in a zippered compartment which protects them from the elements. Unlike bike seats, trailers are low to the floor, which may reduce potential injuries from falls. However, this low profile makes them difficult for drivers to see. Then, they need to have an orange safety flag that’s 31/2 ft to 7 feet high.

Most versions have a hitching device that will keep the trailer steady in the event the bike tips over.

Some bike trailers may also be converted to hiking or jogging strollers by buying an additional kit, something to consider when shopping. If you are an occasional cyclist or have limited storage area in your house, a bike trailer likely is not worth the trouble or expense. Some models fold, which can make them more attractive if space is tight. But if you like to spend your evenings on bicycle trails, a trailer is a great way to receive your little one (or 2 ) in on the fun.

Consider, too, a bike trailer loaded with a couple kids can weigh around 100 pounds. Do you’ve got the bike abilities and endurance to haul the load? The challenge will be even larger if you ride on hilly trails.

Trailer Cycles These are one-wheel extensions which attach to the seat post or a special rack on a bicycle for a grownup.

They are a good choice when your kid is slightly old, would like to do a little bit of pedaling, but can coast when he gets tired. Trailer cycles don’t have wheels. They’re designed so that they won’t influence your biking (think of these as a rollercoaster in back of your bike).

Most are meant to be used by children ages 3 to 6, although there are some versions, such as the Trail-a-Bike, roughly $320, which are designed for kids ages 7 to 10. Some trailer cycles can also be foldable for easier storage and transporting. Most versions require the child to sit down on a standard bicycle seat and continue to fixed handlebars. Others, like the Weehoo i-Go pedal bike trailer (roughly $400, for kids 4 to 9 years old), require the child to sit in a chair with a back, and there are no handlebars.

No matter which seat, trailer, or pedal trailer you purchase, carefully follow installation and assembly instructions. This is crucial to your child’s security. If you are at all unsure, have someone at a reputable bicycle store do the job or ask them to show you.

Additionally, it is a fantastic idea to check with your physician before you take out your child on a bike

–no matter what kind of accessory you choose –to be sure he or she is developmentally ready for the experience.

We favor bicycle trailers but if you would like to use a child’s bicycle seat,

we think it’s better to choose a rear-mounted version. While we believe bicycle trailers are inherently safer, a bicycle seat can be OK if used and installed properly. Ultimately, the choice comes down to what makes you and your child most comfy.

To make shopping easier, you should choose which type of tot toter is right for you. Here are the forms of bicycle seats and trailers to consider.

Bike Chairs

To make shopping easier, you should choose which type of trailer or seat is right for you. If they are too small for one, they’re not ready for a bicycle ride.

Front-Mounted Bike Seats

Some are made to be mounted at the front of an adult bicycle, others behind.

Both types allow a child to face forward. 1 benefit of a bike seat is that it enables your kid a good view of the passing scenery. They are acceptable for children ages 1 to 5. Any rear-mounted chair you purchase should meet ASTM International safety standard F1625, which covers only rear-mounted bicycle seats.

(There is no standard for front-mounted chairs ) Certification is generally noted on the packing or in the manual. Rear-mounted chairs offer you high springs with wraparound sides that form a protective casing. With both rear- and – front-mounted models, there should likewise be footrests to grip and shield your child’s feet so that they do not get trapped in the wheel or brake.

Front-mounted seats have a lower profile without a high rear or wraparound sides.

1 advantage is you can realize your child as you’re riding, so you will quickly see if he gets or succeeds squirmy and nervous. Some parents find it easier to obtain their kid in and out of a front-mounted seat. And in the event the bike tips, your arms will likely break your child’s fall. But be sure he is not carrying anything during the ride because it could get caught in front spokes when it drops, resulting in a fall. The other concern is that your kid could catch the handlebars and interfere with steering.


Are you an ardent bike rider or just someone who tools around town? Here are a few to look at.

HarnessWhether you are using a bicycle-mounted chair or a trailer, you should have a padded, adjustable five-point harness to securely restrain your child. Models designed for two kids should possess two harnesses.


Should you have to store your trailer in a small space, including a hallway closet, start looking for quick-folding mechanics and quick-release wheels, like those on the Chariot Classic Carrier.


Some trailers attach by an axle mount that moves directly to the rear axle of the bicycle. Still other trailers utilize a stay mount that clamps directly to the bike frame.

Security Tips

Bike carriers simply are not an option for children under 1 year of age. The American Academy of Pediatrics is apparent on this. Some countries, like New York, prohibit children younger than 1 from riding in bicycle trailers or bicycle seats. The jostling of a bike, or being pulled by a bicycle on rough streets, only is not great for a young infant’s developing brain. And also a young baby isn’t powerful enough to encourage her mind when wearing a helmet. Older children should wear helmets whenever they’re on a bike, or being hauled by bike.

“We love children getting out with their parents,” says Dr. Beth Ebel, a member of the AAP Committee on Injury, Violence, and Poison Prevention. “toddlers biking with children is wonderful for encouraging a lifetime of healthy, active living.”

But there are a number of rules to follow, she cautions.

“The helmet needs to be on each and every time,” she says. “We advocate that children under 12 months of age not be carried on a bicycle. It’s a physiological issue.” Ebel also says that parents should not ride a bicycle when carrying a child in a back pack or a front sling. “It affects your center of gravity on a bicycle,” she clarifies.

At any time you take your child on a bike, make sure he’s wearing a correctly fitting bicycle helmet which meets criteria set by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. If she’s too small to wear a helmet, don’t take her out on a bicycle.

They are supposed to be used in parks and on bicycle trails in which you are not going to encounter automobiles.

There are no national standards for trailers or even bicycle seats. The AAP recommends that virtually any trailer or bike-mounted child chair meet the safety standards of ASTM International. It’s also a fantastic idea to buy trailers and bike seats from reputable bicycle stores and producers. Be mindful about what you might see in toy stores, cause those items may not meet the exact same security standards.

Bike seats and bike trailers are usually found at garage and tag sales, but secondhand gear could put your child at risk. If you have to use a secondhand bicycle seat, you should check the CPSC website, which lists product recalls, so you don’t purchase a harmful or unreliable version. Also check for missing pieces of hardware, and search for signs of a collision or excessive wear and tear. The owner’s manual should be accessible. Otherwise, visit the manufacturer’s website to make sure that you’re attaching the bicycle seat or trailer correctly.

Before you buy a bike trailer or bicycle-mounted seat,

do a test drive (not together with your child, though). Most reputable bike stores that sell trailers, bicycle seats, and trailer bicycles allow you to take a spin. Substitute a sack of potatoes to your child. Return to the shop with your kid when you are ready to purchase to be certain the seat or trailer will be a good fit. Keep your receipt in case the product doesn’t work once you get it home.